GRADES 4 – 8

Welcome to St Anselm’s Catholic Youth Organization basketball 2019-2020 season!

We are excited for another year of hoops!

Registration is opens 8/23

UNIFORMS: Each player will be responsible for purchasing a St. Anselm’s uniform. Top and shorts are estimated to be $60 at T and B Sports in San Rafael. If you have a uniform from last year you are good to go.
TEAM ASSIGNMENTS: The St. Anselm CYO Board follows an unbiased evaluation process to create teams. The objective is to match the skill level of players to the team that best fit their ability. The St. Anselm CYO Board will approve, sanction and have final authorization over the formation of all teams following the formal evaluation process. Coaches will contact players on their teams later in October.
ENROLLMENT LIMITATIONS: Due to the tremendous increase in the popularity of basketball and the limited gym space in Ross Valley, we will need to limit the number of players we can accept. St. Anselm’s school students will be given priority, then registered parish members of St. Anselm’s church and finally the remaining members of Ross Valley who live within the St. Anselm’s Parish boundaries(Priority will be given to returning players). We will need to cap our program at 40 boys in each grade. We will then place your child on a wait list pending gym availability and the total number of teams created. 
No 3rd graders will be allowed in our 4th grade program. We will have an announcement regarding our 3rd grade program in October.
NOTE: Fourth grade parents and new players to St Anselm’s CYO: if you live in Fairfax you must register for basketball with St. Rita’s unless your child attends St. Anselm’s school or you are a registered parish member of St. Anselm’s church. CYO boundaries are set by the parish you live in, not the location of the public school your child attends. Returning players who live in Fairfax are grandfathered into our program.
ASSESSMENTS:  If your son or daughter does not wish to play on the A team, for whatever reason, please let us know ASAP. In this case they are not required to attend the assessments.  Having fewer children at the assessments helps the process, but they are certainly welcome to attend if they wish, simply let us know at check in.